Happy Sunday folks! 🙂

Just wanted to let you know that the script for the next Endstone story is complete.  I’m working on rough layouts now.  It will debut sometime late March/early April.  The only reason I can’t set a date yet is that I have a busy March coming up and I’m not sure about my schedule for drawing Endstone.

Also, as the new story is presented online, I’m going to eventually take down the archive of the GATES story (issues 1-12).  The site archive is getting a bit unwieldy.   However I am offering high quality pdfs version of the entire run.  You can click on the links below or on the upper right side of the site.  Name your own price! Also, I will have printed versions available within the next couple of months.

See you soon!

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And as a bonus,  a Colindra character sheet for the new story: