Endstone is the story of a family of stoners… those special few who are born with the ability to wield or “rock”  magical stones that grant unique, fantastical powers such as flight or super-speed for example.

Kyri Thunderhead is not only a simple deer from the forests of Pennsylvania but also a kick-ass martial artist.  Her human mate, Jon Montaine, is a powerful stoner with an archaic knowledge of mortgage backed securities and stock derivatives.  Their daughter, Colindra, is a temperamental teenager who, when not worrying about fashion, can transform into a terrible dragon.  And Pablo Montaine, the undead yet jovial patriarch of the clan, is literally the skeleton in the family closet.

Together they must keep a fantastical, post-apocalyptic world safe from demons, gods, and evil stoners. But is it a world worth saving?

Anthony Theisen – Artist, Writer

Tony teaches American history by trade, but in his spare time likes to draw, noodle on the guitar, and play ultimate frisbee.

Daniel Mellitz – Writer

Dan is a visual effects supervisor by day and at night, he’s still a visual effects supervisor. When he’s not on a computer making robots fight dinosaurs, he’s on a computer blogging at LemonNoLemon.com.


Endstone is created almost entirely on a Cintiq using Clip Studio Paint. Updates are every Monday and Thursday.