Endstone is the story of a family of stoners… those special few who are born with the ability to wield or “rock”  magical stones that grant unique, fantastical powers.

Kyri Thunderhead is not only a simple deer from the forests of Pennsylvania but also a kick-ass martial artist.  Her human mate, Jon Montaine, is a powerful stoner with a an archaic knowledge of mortgage backed securities and stock derivatives.  Their daughter, Colindra, is a temperamental teenager who, when not worrying about fashion, can transform into a terrible dragon.  And Pablo Montaine, the undead yet jovial patriarch of the clan, is literally the skeleton in the family closet.

Together they must keep the world safe from demons, gods, and evil stoners. But is it a world worth saving?

Endstone is written and drawn by Anthony Theisen almost entirely on a Cintinq using Manga Studio Pro. Updates are every Monday and Thursday.

Tony teaches American history by trade, but in his spare time likes to draw, noodle on the guitar, and play ultimate frisbee.