Howdy folks! If you are coming over from Drunk Duck or just surfing through, welcome.

This page marks the inauguration of and the start of a new format.  Basically, I’m going to be posting twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.  The pages will be half the size of a comic book print page.  Up until now,  I’ve been posting full size at Drunk Duck and in the archives of this site.

I have a few reasons for switching to this new half-page format.  One, I believe half-pages are more suited for computer viewing (no scrolling). And my dreams of being in print aside, Endstone will most likely be read on the web so it follows that it should be in a more web-friendly format.  Secondly, the story is hopefully easier to remember in shorter, more frequent updates.  Finally, and honestly, twice weekly updates means more traffic.

I will continue to post full sized pages on Drunk Duck once a week,  but this site will be half-pages twice a week.  And, this site will be one week ahead of Drunk Duck.

At least that’s the plan. . .

Thanks again for stopping by.  I’d love to hear what you think so please leave a comment if you are so inclined.

And keep on keepin’ on!