And so ends Issue 10 of Endstone.  Thanks for reading!

Will Primrose go as far as to actually kill her own brother?  Can Cole escape?  What of Kyri and the others and the battle against the God at the Eternity Spire?  Stay tuned.

I’m going on hiatus for a bit to recharge my batteries.  I’m not sure how long I’ll be away, so make sure to keep updated on Endstone’s return.  You can do this by subscribing via an RSS reader (I like Feedly), or use one of the webcomic trackers like Comic Rocket, or Ink Outbreak, or the Belfry.  Twitter is also available as well as Google +.  So sign up! 🙂   And beware of Facebook.  If you don’t “like” posts eventually Endstone updates will not appear in your Facebook news feed.

And most important I’ve discontinued email subscriptions.  It was nightmare trying to get the service to work and it wasn’t until recently that I learned it was completely screwed-up beyond repair.  I know many of you signed-up for it and I apologize that it didn’t work.  Please use one of the other services listed above.

It’s been a pleasure entertaining you. 🙂  See you soon.